Lil' Red Ridin' Box
Lil' Red Ridin' Box

Cost to build

0 leaves
4 build units
10 energy

  • 4 Gears
  • 4 Wired Rope
  • 4 Branches
  • 4 Lacquer Paint


6000 leaves every 6 hours


Up and Down


Ski Lift
Chair Lift
Aerial Tram

Lil' Red Ridin' Box is a two-way connector. It allows visitors to travel vertically between two platforms. It drops items from the Carriage Collection.

This connector was made available on 12 October 2011, as part of the "'Like' Us Today Promotion" when JollyWood reached 5000 'likes'.

This is a Unique connector, it can be redeemed by the player via JollyWood's fanpage after it reached 5000 'likes' and each tree may only have one of this facility. If it is accidentally sold, it can be bought from the Shop for 8535 leaves.

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